Eldest Daughter Day; For Eldest Daughters, By Eldest Daughters.

“A day dedicated to eldest daughters coming together in a safe space to connect, grow & have fun through workshops led eldest daughters.
We want to invite eldest daughters who are doing amazing work in different fields to run workshops for others to show them how they can use the skills that they have developed (from all the years of unpaid labour!) to benefit themselves and those around them.
Eldest daughters from immigrant households have always been made to help everyone before helping themselves. Many have had to grow up and become adult’s way before their time and have often had to do so without the guidance of an adult. We want this day to be a day where they can ask experts (all who eldest daughters themselves are) the questions they were unable to ask their parents. Whether it is what contraception is best, how to negotiate a better salary or how to apply eyeshadow. We want to provide them with the people who can answer their why questions.”