Healing Corner


Finding the right therapist can be difficult. It could be the make or break for many eldest daughters.

Here we have a section of therapists who are also eldest daughters with intersectional identities who understand the eldest daughter struggle, and they get it, NO EXPLANATION NEEDED.


Do you have something to get off your chest?

 We understand that the eldest daughter’s role infiltrates many areas of our lives, affecting us in more ways than we can come to terms with.  We have created these confessions to help lift the stigma on the eldest daughter’s treatment and give you a space to speak about your experience anonymously.

 You can share your confession with our community of fellow eldest daughters. It can be as funny, wild, or insightful as you want. All confessions are anonymous and treated with the strictest confidence and will be shared across our platforms anonymously.


We have created a space for the eldest daughters to start their moving-out journey. We want to make the moving out process as hassle-free as possible. 

We currently have an online moving-out community for London. To join or set us a moving our community in your city. Please click the join and fill in a contact form, and we will get you started.